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Shopify E-Commerce Solutions

We Build Your E-Commerce Store Turnkey, Taking Your Business to the Digital World

In the digital age, businesses need a powerful e-commerce solution to succeed online. As Marker Groupe, we help you grow your business in the online world with custom-designed e-commerce solutions. Specifically, with the e-commerce solutions we offer through Shopify, we elevate your business’s digital success to the next level.


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Why Shopify
E-Commerce Solutions

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Easy Management Panel Usage:

Shopify facilitates store management through its user-friendly and intuitive management panel. Everything you need to add products, track orders, and monitor your store's performance is at your fingertips.

Global Market Compatibility:

With its support for multiple languages and currencies, Shopify enables you to expand into global markets. It provides the infrastructure needed to sell your products in different countries and makes it easy to reach international customers.

Store Security:

Shopify ensures the security of your store and customer information through robust security measures. It focuses on data security with PCI compliance, SSL certificates, and regular security updates.

Shopify Packages:

Shopify offers various packages tailored to different business needs. These packages, which you can choose according to your requirements, can be scaled based on the size and needs of your store.

Marketing Automations:

Shopify provides a powerful platform for increasing your sales with marketing automations and integrated tools. You can strengthen customer relationships with tools such as email marketing, social media integrations, and advertising management.

Extensive App Store:

Shopify App Store offers thousands of applications and plugins to customize and expand your store. Explore payment systems, inventory management, marketing tools, and more to shape your store as you desire.

The Power of
E-Commerce with Shopify

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Shopify Global Partner

Marker Groupe, as a Shopify Global Partner, helps you maximize your business's digital potential.

Access to Global Markets

Shopify enables you to reach millions of potential customers worldwide and increase your sales volume.

Easy to Use and Set Up

With its user-friendly interface and quick setup, Shopify allows you to quickly open your online store.

Customizable Design

Shopify allows you to customize the design of your online store to match your brand with customizable themes.

Secure Payment Options

By offering secure payment gateways and various payment options, Shopify enhances customer satisfaction.


As the trend of online shopping via mobile devices continues to rise, Shopify provides your customers with an excellent mobile experience with mobile-friendly themes.

Multi-Language and Currency Support

Customize your store to target desired markets with Shopify's multi-language and currency support.

International Shipping Integration

Manage your international shipments quickly and reliably with Shopify's integrated shipping solutions.

Arifoğlu Increased Sales by 600% with Marker Groupe and Shopify!

Customized Store Design

We design customized e-commerce stores tailored to the needs of your business.

SEO-Friendly Strategies

Our e-commerce solutions on Shopify are optimized for search engine optimization, making your online store more visible.

Security and Data Protection

We implement strong security measures to keep customer information secure.

Grow your business online and provide your customers with the best shopping experience with Shopify E-Commerce Solutions. At Marker Groupe, we are excited to work with you through the effective e-commerce solutions we offer with Shopify.

Remember, a robust e-commerce solution is essential for success in the online world. Contact us now and start exploring the digital potential of your business!