Eda Taşpınar | Successful Geofencing Ad Delivery

Eda Taşpınar founded her own company Yıldız Dükkanı in 2012 and launched cosmetic products such as suntan oils, horsetail shampoo and body shampoo, natural horsehair brushes in cosmetic chains and pharmacies across Turkey under her own brand name.

Digital Marker used Geofencing publication format for Eda Taşpınar to increase physical store visits by targeting customers near Antalya TerraCity AVM.

Digital Marker has created a special campaign for users within a virtual border drawn around Antalya TerraCity AVM. He measured the offline reflections of the online campaign by following the users who saw the campaign and visited the store.


Reaching users at the right place and at the right time: Since you can create geofence around a certain geographical location, you can target potential customers within this parameter and increase their chances of visiting.
Faster conversions: Geofencing can help increase local sales for the aforementioned reason. Matching ads and locations increase relevance; therefore, it can instantly interact with potential customers nearby through the business door.
Better customer experience: The high relevance and personalization that Geofencing advertising offers is what makes it so valuable to brands.


Considering the sector and broadcast format, the CTR rate we expected in our campaign was between 0.11% and 0.15%, but we managed to increase our CTR rate to 0.20%.

In our broadcasts, our viewbility expectation was in the 70%-75% band, but with regular optimizations, we managed to increase our viewbility rate to 89%.

Using 2 different creative groups, we identified creatives that attracted users’ attention. We have eliminated banner blindness with creative optimizations.

Our campaign increased brand awareness among users and created a solid foundation for building brand loyalty.

We provided reference data for future campaigns by sharing the target audience analyzes with the brand that showed interest in the campaign.

1 out of 9 people who showed interest in our campaign visited the physical store.

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