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Arifoglu | 600% Increase in Revenue and ROAS | Google Ads & GA4 Review

Arifoglu; Established in 1944 in the Spice Bazaar, it is a leading brand serving in the natural and organic food sector with its own production facilities. It provides services both in Turkey and abroad with its hundreds of stores and e-commerce platforms.

As part of our work with Arifoğlu, we had started performance campaigns before transitioning to the Shopify platform. However, thanks to the superior integration capabilities and user-friendly interface provided by Shopify, we were able to carry out the necessary adjustments for accurate tracking of data layer and conversion tags much more quickly and effectively.

After transitioning to the Shopify infrastructure, we structured the data layer configurations on the website and completed the necessary adjustments to ensure that the data was accurately reflected in the GA4 account. The conveniences offered by Shopify significantly improved our data tracking and analysis processes. As a result, we were able to maximize the impact of our performance campaigns and optimize our strategies based on more reliable data.


In this way, we have revealed the maximum revenue strategy together with e-commerce-oriented machine learning and reporting.



Tab1 1

Date Range Comparison

  • 12.03.2023 – 17.04.2023 (Previous Period)
  • 18.04.2023 – 24.05.2023 (Next Period)

The machine learning results of the account, together with the conversion value, that is, the healthy tracking of the order income and the e-commerce-oriented strategies, are as in the table.


Tab2 1

Date Range Comparison

  • 12.03.2023 – 17.04.2023 (Previous Period)
  • 18.04.2023 – 24.05.2023 (Next Period)

The revenue resulted in an average of 6X versus ROAS, that is, advertising expenditures.

In addition, ROAS, which was below 2X in the previous period, increased to 14X in the following period.


Tab3 1

You can see our target audiences with click shares in this list. The fact that the audience is more interested in beauty and cosmetics compared to natural products also determines the preferred product category.


Tab4 1

Search Competitor: Determines which competitors you are listed with on the same keywords in search ads and how many times you appear on the first page relative to the budget.

According to our budget and offers, we see that Arifoğlu is in the top 4 and competes with the marketplaces.


Tab5 1

We see that conversion events are considered more meaningful over GA4.

With the improvements, we see that there is an increase of over 66% in the income expectation.


Tab6 1

With event optimization, more advanced reporting of many events such as purchasing, adding products to the cart, and product viewing has been provided.


Tab7 1

Basket Funnel: It is the basket funnel that shows how many of the product viewers have added to the cart and how many of the users who have added to the basket have purchased the product.

While 13% of the product viewers add it to the cart, 23% of those who add it to the cart make a purchase. For example, 13 out of 100 people add products to the cart and 3 people out of 13 complete the purchase. Accordingly, the sales rate is 3% and successful sales are generally above 1%.

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