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With Marker Media, we help your brand stand out, your story find an audience and leave a mark in the digital arena.

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Marker Media

Marker Media helps brands make their voices heard by offering a wide range of media solutions from content production to distribution. We offer our customers the opportunity to establish a strong bond with their target audience, with our team mastered in storytelling to create an impressive presence in the digital world. We are the pioneers of making a difference in the media world with an approach focused on creativity, quality and impact in each of our projects. With Marker Media, we help your brand stand out, your story find an audience and leave a mark in the digital arena.

3D Digital Out of Home (DOOH)

3D Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is an innovative marketing strategy that enables three-dimensional visual experiences in outdoor advertising. This technology allows you to convey brand messages in a more striking and eye-catching way by engaging target audiences with impressive and surreal content.

Digital Out of Home

Digital Out of Home (DOOH) is a powerful marketing channel that allows brands to reach their target audiences with interactive and dynamic advertisements in outdoor environments. With digital billboards, interactive displays and other innovative solutions, DOOH allows brands to dramatically convey their message to a wide audience, increasing advertising effectiveness and creating an unforgettable brand experience.

Out of Home

Out of Home (OOH) advertising is an effective marketing strategy that allows brands to reach large audiences in public areas such as billboards, bus stops, and subway stations. This dynamic media plays an important role in increasing brand awareness, influencing target audiences and creating a strong visual impact.


CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) refers to visual content created through computers and has a wide range of applications in animation, filmmaking, game development and other artistic fields. CGI paves the way for creativity in the digital world by providing realistic and imaginative visual experiences.

Subway Ads

Subway advertisements stand out as an effective way to reach large audiences in heavy city traffic and subway stations. With eye-catching designs and strategic positioning, subway ads enable brands to interact with their target audiences and create strong brand awareness.

Taxi Ads

Taxi advertisements enable brands to dynamically convey their messages to their target audiences, along with the mobility of urban traffic. The mobile nature of taxi vehicles makes it possible for advertising to spread over a wide geographical area and effectively reach potential customers traveling around the city, thus increasing brand visibility.

Bus Ads

Bus advertisements stand out as an effective way to reach a wide audience during urban and intercity journeys. With large and visually striking designs that attract passengers’ attention, bus advertisements spread brands’ messages over a wide geographical area, providing strong visibility and supporting mobile advertising strategies.

Airport Ads

Airport advertisements stand out with the potential to reach a broad and diverse audience, the opportunity to capture intense attention during long waiting times, the presence of a high-income and decision-making target audience, the capability to provide national and international access, and the advantages of enhancing brand image in a prestigious environment.

Supermarket Ads

Supermarkets generally appeal to a wide customer base. Publishing your advertisements in supermarkets enables direct interaction with your target audience. Shoppers tend to be more responsive to advertisements during or before shopping. This way, you can increase brand awareness and reach your potential audience directly.