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Digital Marker

Digital Marker stands out as a leading solution provider in the field of digital marketing.

Providing a wide range of services from strategic planning to social media management, from content marketing to SEO optimization, Digital Marker offers comprehensive support to its business partners in strengthening their digital assets. With creative campaign management and data-driven strategies, we help our customers stand out effectively in the digital world. Enjoy the privilege of taking your business further digitally with Digital Marker!

Digital Marketing Solutions

We are here to make a difference in the digital world! Digital Marker makes a difference in the digital world with its innovative strategies, impressive campaigns and data-oriented approach in digital marketing.

Digital Media Planning

We create the media strategy for your brand on digital channels with advertising technologies suitable for your marketing strategy and target audience.

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Content Marketing

We deliver your products and services to your potential customers both domestically and abroad with content marketing, which is a new generation digital communication tool.

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Performance Marketing

With performance marketing solutions that suit your marketing strategy, we increase your online presence in the digital world and achieve real results for your business.

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Programmatic Advertising

Using technology and artificial intelligence, we analyze data and make media purchase faster and smarter. We maximize your investment across media channels.

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E-Commerce Solutions

Reach your potential customers with our e-commerce solutions suitable for your industry!

Shopify E-Commerce Solutions

As the expert partner solution partner of Shopify, which has the world's largest e-commerce infrastructure, we move your store to e-commerce or make special developments for your existing store.

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E-Commerce Solutions

As Marker Groupe, we offer the most appropriate e-commerce infrastructures to ensure that brands have a successful presence in the digital world.

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E-Export Solutions

We develop digital solutions and strategies in the field of e-commerce, specific to your brand and sector.

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Web Solutions

We create your digital presence and increase your visibility with our web development solutions.

Web Development

We develop software solutions tailored to the specific needs of your business, making your processes more efficient.

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Search Engine Optimization

With effective SEO practices, we increase the ranking of your website and increase site traffic and visibility.

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