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Expand Your Business Globally with E-Export Solutions
With the advancement of the digital world, breaking the boundaries and accessing global markets has become easier for businesses. At Marker Groupe, we assist your business in establishing a more effective presence on the global stage with E-Export Solutions. Specifically, through our consultancy services tailored for e-export, we maximize the potential of your business.

Why E-Export?

Opportunities in the Global Market

Expanding your brand on global platforms like Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Zalando, and Shopify is a powerful strategy for growth in new markets.

Cost and Time Savings

Compared to traditional trade methods, e-export reduces costs and speeds up processes, leading to time savings.

Broader Target Audience

Selling over the internet eliminates geographical boundaries, allowing you to reach a broader target audience worldwide.

E-Export Solutions and Consultancy with Marker Groupe

Global Market Analysis

Marker Group analyzes the global markets targeted by your business and identifies the most suitable ones for you.

E-Commerce Platforms

We select the most effective e-commerce platforms tailored to your needs and manage the integration processes.

Marketing Strategies

Taking cultural differences into account, we create and implement marketing strategies suitable for target markets.

E-Export with Shopify

We support businesses in expanding into the international market by facilitating access to customers worldwide through Shopify.

Marketplace Setup

We assist in setting up your store on marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Zalando, enabling you to reach a broader audience.

Fulfillment Service

We help you professionally manage logistics processes such as storage, packaging, and shipping during the e-export process.


Key to Global E-commerce

Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms worldwide, offering numerous opportunities for brands looking to engage in e-export. With its extensive user base, reliable infrastructure, and logistics network, Amazon facilitates brands in showcasing their products to the global market. The services and global presence provided by Amazon enable brands to succeed internationally.

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Stand Out in the European Fashion Market

Zalando is one of Europe's leading fashion and lifestyle platforms, serving as an ideal partner for fashion brands looking to engage in e-export. With its wide range of products and strong brand reputation, Zalando facilitates brands' access to the European market. Zalando's user-friendly interface and effective marketing opportunities enable brands to reach European consumers effectively..

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Pioneer of International Trade

With millions of users worldwide, eBay is one of the leading platforms for international e-commerce. eBay offers a broad global market for brands, enhancing the visibility of products internationally. eBay's wide range of product categories and competitive prices assist brands in achieving success in international trade. eBay presents a significant opportunity for brands looking to engage in e-export.

Why Should You Work with Marker Groupe?

Experienced Team

Marker Groupe guides you in the field of e-export with an expert and experienced team.

Data-Focused Approach

We use data analytics and strategic planning to succeed in global markets.

Continuous Support

As your business grows in global markets, we are delighted to provide you with continuous support.

Take a Step Towards Global Success with
E-Export Solutions

Benefit from the power of e-export and effectively promote your business on the global stage. At Marker Groupe, we are excited to help your business take a step towards global success with E-Export Solutions.
Remember, having the right e-export strategies is crucial for success in global markets. Contact us and explore the
global potential of your business!