KUYEM | Grew by 800% with Marker Groupe's Digital Marketing Strategies!

Kent University Continuous Education Center (KUYEM) is an educational institution aiming to strengthen individuals’ positions in the industry and their careers through certified and approved training programs.

Marker Groupe developed a specific digital marketing strategy for KUYEM by using Meta, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and Programmatic campaigns to identify its target audience and engage with them. The strategy aimed to provide preliminary information about KUYEM’s training programs and scope to users with focused traffic.



Strategic Steps:

Identifying the Right Target Audience: By determining the target audience through Meta, LinkedIn, Programmatic, and Google Ads, we connected KUYEM with relevant individuals.

Content-Focused Traffic: Emphasizing the advantages of KUYEM’s offerings to users through ads focused on education and content.

Lead Generation Campaigns: Lead generation campaigns conducted on the Meta platform allowed users to apply for courses and obtain detailed information.

Visual and Video Ads: Quality forms were obtained, especially on the Meta platform, through visual and video-focused ads. We increased application rates by using videos where instructors provided information about the course content.

Low Form Costs and High Conversion Rate: To keep form costs low, we specifically defined forms at the intent level and added additional questions to prevent unnecessary applications.

Success Metrics:

Thanks to Marker Group’s digital marketing strategies, KUYEM achieved over 800% growth. Low form costs and high conversion rates indicate the effective implementation of our strategy.

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