Vitocco | Excellent SEO Case Study

Vitocco; It is a vitamin and mineral product containing supplements containing B complex vitamins, vitamin c, zinc and magnesium. It belongs to Abdi İbrahim.
Clients Challenge Before Joining Us:
When the brand contacts us; website were not indexed by Google Search Engine, and data flow could not be provided to Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts. There were also elements that needed improvement in the field of SEO.
Our Strategy
We have planned the following studies for the detection and solution of the problems; 
  • Making analyzes about why is not indexed,
  • Examining Google Search Console, Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager accounts,
  • Examining the Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager codes on the website,
  • Analyzing Google Search Console errors,
  • Identifying the factors that affect the SEO score.
Activities We Did For The Client:
  • Google Search Console verification completed.
  • Google Search Console account arrangements have been made.
  • After the Google Search Console overhaul, the titles and descriptions on the website were adjusted according to Google’s new indexing style.
  • Fixed errors such as 404, 301 on the website. After the edits, the broken links on the site were cleaned.
  • Fixed code errors that prevented the website from being indexed.
  • An indexing request has been sent for the website to be indexed via Google Search Console.
  • Removed Google Analytics codes on the website.
  • Google Tag Manager account created and added to the site.
  • Google Analytics accounts were added to the website using Google Tag Manager.
  • Google Analytics adjustments were made to analyze the data flow.
  • After the Google Search Console regulations, the site started to be indexed to Google.
  • Data flow to Google Search Console and Google Analytics accounts has started.
  • Organic traffic has been increased thanks to SEO work.
  • The idle codes on the website have been cleaned and the loading speed of the website has increased.
  • SEO score increased to 100%.
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