Medulux Health | Innovative Solutions in Health Tourism with Digital Marketing Strategies

Achieving success in health tourism requires skillful integration of country, language, and specialization information. With a successful digital marketing strategy at the intersection of these critical elements, we achieved significant results for Medulux Health.

As Marker Groupe, we obtained below-average form costs through strategies executed via Meta, Google Ads, Bing, and Programmatic campaigns.

Below-Average Form Costs and High Conversion Rate

Our focus countries were generally European countries, particularly with a focus on the United Kingdom. Since the brand’s communication language is English, campaign target device language and visual/text content were also determined in English. For instance, ads targeting mobile device users in the Netherlands who use English proved effective in communicating with our target audience.

Strategic Steps:

Language and Target Audience-Focused Campaigns: By focusing on the UK, campaign content and communication language were set in English. This enabled effective outreach to potential customers using mobile devices in English.

Low Form Costs (CPA): With our optimized campaigns, we achieved below-average form costs, optimizing budget usage to reach more potential customers.

Specialized Treatment-Focused Campaigns: By highlighting specific services such as Gastric Sleeve, Rhinoplasty, Body Aesthetic, Breast Augmentation, Hair Transplant, and Orthopedics offered by Medulux Health, we appealed to a more specific target audience.

Success Metrics:

Achieving below-average form costs (CPA) during the campaign process and maintaining a high conversion rate were among our defined success criteria. Analyses conducted and performance indicators tracked demonstrated successful attainment of these goals.

Results and Evaluation:

Our digital marketing strategies for Medulux Health successfully reached the target audience and achieved the desired results. Below-average form costs (CPA) coupled with high conversion rates indicate the effectiveness of the campaigns.

If your clinic or agency aims to expand into the field of health and medical tourism beyond borders, Marker Groupe is the right choice! Join us to achieve success with our digital marketing strategies.