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Arifoğlu | Groundbreaking Success with Programmatic Advertising Strategy

Arifoğlu; Established in 1944 in the Egyptian Bazaar, it is a leading brand serving in the natural and organic food sector with its own production facilities. It provides services both in Turkey and abroad with its hundreds of stores and e-commerce platforms.

Campaign Goal: The programmatic advertising campaign we conducted for the Arifoğlu brand aimed to directly reach the target audience. We aimed to create a more effective campaign by displaying ads in the contextual targeting ad format when the user is engaged with relevant content.

Strategy and Tactics: Marker Groupe developed an advertising strategy for Arifoğlu using a customized targeting approach. This strategy included the following elements:

  • Contextual Targeting: Contextually targeting aligned with content provided an opportunity to present Arifoğlu’s products and services to potential customers in conjunction with relevant content. Product ads were placed on pages using the identified keywords, ensuring reaching the right user at the right time.
  • Publishing on Premium Websites and Apps: The campaign increased the brand’s visibility by running on selected premium websites and applications such as,,,,,,,,, among others.

Contextual Targeting

  • Interactive Content: Attention-grabbing and interactive ad content encouraged users to interact with the brand. This not only aimed at views but also sought to provide interaction.
  • Data Analysis and Optimization: Data obtained during the campaign were regularly analyzed, and campaigns were continuously optimized. This ensured quick adaptation to real-time changing market conditions.


Campaign Results and Analysis:

  • Impressions and Reach: The campaign reached 1.8 million users with 2.1 million impressions, effectively introducing the Arifoğlu brand to a broad audience.
  • Clicks and CTR: With 22,486 clicks, a CTR (Click-Through Rate) of 1.04% was achieved. This performance significantly surpassed industry averages. While the sectoral CTR average is in the range of 0.20% to 0.25%, our campaign achieved success well above expectations.
  • Engagement and Session Rate: Obtaining 3,665 interactive sessions resulted in a session rate of 16%. This indicates that users showed intense interest in the ads and engaged with the brand.

Contextual Targeting2

Success Factors:

  • Accurate Audience Targeting: Thanks to contextual targeting, the Arifoğlu brand reached its target audience with precisely tailored content.
    Use of Interactive Content: Attention-grabbing and interactive content enabled users to engage with the brand.
  • Continuous Optimization: Data analysis and continuous optimization were employed throughout the campaign to achieve the best performance.


Future Steps: This groundbreaking success is an indicator of the value Marker Groupe provides for the Arifoğlu brand. To sustain similar successes in future campaigns:

  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Campaign results should be analyzed in greater detail, and future strategies should be based on these analyses.
  • Creative Innovation: Trying new and creative approaches in interactive content and advertising formats is essential to surprise users.


Marker Groupe will continue to develop digital marketing strategies for the Arifoğlu brand and write similar success stories in the future.

To learn about the services provided by Marker Groupe, you can contact us via the  website or via the e-mail address [email protected].