Hometex | Google Ads Issues

HOMETEX, one of the world’s most prestigious fairs in home textile, is an organization that brings together the national and international players of the sector in Istanbul.

Earlier, we told you about the attack on the Hometex website. You can view the details here.

We eliminated the problems by recovering the website from the effects of the attack. However, the brand was affected by domain origin in its publications in Google Ads and its campaigns were not published.

Hometex contacted Digital Marker to fix the problem with Google Ads.

Digital Marker scanned the website again and checked the database files. A problem could not be detected in the website and database.

In consultation with the Google Ads team, it was stated that there was no problem and that the Google crawling bots could not crawl the website correctly.

The Google Ads team could not come up with a solution regarding the issue and Hometex had to pause the Google campaigns.

What did we do?

There was a limited time left for the fair and the brand had to act fast.

In order to solve the problem as quickly as possible, we have prepared a one-page website on a different domain.

We have made all the necessary arrangements for the website we have prepared to be indexed to Google quickly.

We did advertiser verification by creating a new Google Ads account and payment profile for the brand.

After the advertiser verification, we found that there was no problem by creating test posts with the new domain.

The brand continued its Google Ads campaigns with a new domain and website.

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