Hometex | Country and Industry Targeted Programmatic Advertising

HOMETEX, one of the world’s most prestigious fairs in home textile, is an organization that brings together the national and international players of the sector in Istanbul.

Hometex wanted to announce the 2023 fair internationally and increase the number of participants.

We needed to target industry and relevant audiences using our programmatic targeting options.

Digital Marker broadcast to 10 different countries using standard banner broadcast format with detailed targeting for Hometex 2023.

In detailed targeting options, users; income level, device brand, monthly credit card spending and age criteria were targeted.

The publication period is 20 days and the results are quite successful.


Our CTR rate is above the sectoral benchmark with 0.43%.

In our 20-day broadcast, our expectation of viewbility rate was 70%, but when our broadcasts were completed, our viewbility rate was calculated as 94%.

The reach rate was expected to be 70%, but Digital Marker managed to increase the reach rate to 92%.

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