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  • Data flow between the website and Google Analytics was not being provided correctly.
  • Data coming into Google Analytics was not parsing.
  • No sonversion or funnel tracking via Google Analytics.
  • User behavior could not be analyzed correctly.
  • Audience definitions were not established.
  • Audiences were not being collected for use in performance-oriented campaigns.
  • Website traffic was not tracked on a channel basis.
  • User behaviors were not tracked by any platform.
  • Goal and conversion events have been set up in the Google Analytics account.
  • Funnel was installed to follow the basket stages and a multi-channel funnel was created.
  • Behavior analysis report has been customized for tracking user behavior.
  • 13 different audiences were created for category-based and cart-based users.
  • User traffic to the website is separated on the basis of channels.
  • Dynamic URL parameters have been created for performance campaigns.
  • Audience definitions of users who spend more than 1 minute on the website have been created.
  • Google Tag Manager has been installed.
  • By counting the CTA buttons on the products under the slider area, the categories that attract the user’s attention were analyzed.
  • URL tracking was done via Google Search Console and errors were detected on mobile.
  • Yandex Metrica has been installed.
  • User behaviors were analyzed with Yandex Metrica and suggestions were made for website development.
  • Domain Verified and Facebook Pixel setups have been made for Meta Business.

After the arrangements made;

  • The brand analyzed the data more effectively.
  • Thanks to the collected data, performance campaigns were organized for the right audience.
  • There was a 3-fold increase in ROAS and e-commerce revenues.

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