Arifoglu | Successful Performance Oriented E-Commerce Studies

Arifoğlu; Established in 1944 in the Egyptian Bazaar, it is a leading brand serving in the natural and organic food sector with its own production facilities. It provides services both in Turkey and abroad with its hundreds of stores and e-commerce platforms.


When we met with the brand, a digital marketing strategy had not been created and e-commerce sales were mainly proceeding from the marketplaces.
The brand was not doing performance-oriented digital marketing activities for its website.
Data analysis could not be performed and e-commerce parameters could not be followed.
The XML Feed was created incorrectly and free listing was not available in Google Merchant Center.
The website was not compatible with the user experience and users could not be directed to sales.


Necessary directions were made to make the brand’s website suitable for the user experience. After the regulations, the site was made suitable for the user experience.
Google Merchant Center arrangements were made and free listing was activated.
Google Merchant Center shopping and dynamic advertising were activated.
Data analysis and data tracking was provided by editing Google Analytics e-commerce parameters.
Performance-oriented publications were made with Google Ads and Meta.
Publication strategies were determined in accordance with the brand’s industry and sales strategies.

  • The website has been adapted to user behavior.
  • Brand awareness was increased with performance publications.
  • The monthly e-commerce sales volume on the brand’s website increased by 310%.
  • Website visits increased by 560%.
  • E-commerce data was tracked.
  • ROI rate increased 6 times.
  • ROAS rate increased by 300%.

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