Dent Precious | Digital Success in Dental Health Tourism

In the intersection of crucial factors in health tourism, including country, language, and specialization, Marker Groupe’s effective digital marketing strategies have transformed into a significant growth story for Dent Precious, a Dental Health Tourism Clinic. Here are the key points of this success story:

Strategic Goal Setting and Campaign Execution: Recognizing the decisive role of country, language, and specialization in the success of health tourism, Dent Precious and Marker Groupe initiated a strategic digital marketing campaign focused on the United Kingdom. Due to the English communication language, the campaign’s target device language, visuals, and texts were determined in English. Meta, Google Ads, Bing, and Programmatic campaigns were meticulously managed to achieve below-average form costs and high conversion rates

dent precious


.Focus on Dental Treatments and Types: Dent Precious concentrated exclusively on dental treatments. Implant, Zirconium Coating, Smile Design, Hollywood Smile, and Orthodontics, as dental treatment types, were emphasized through Marker Groupe’s strategies. This focus included effectively conveying messages and engaging content to the target audience.

 High Conversion and Low Form Costs from the English Audience: Thanks to Marker Groupe’s digital marketing strategies, Dent Precious achieved high conversion rates from the English audience and maintained below-average form costs (CPA). The alignment of campaign content and language with the target audience played a crucial role in this success.

If you aim to expand your clinic or agency beyond borders in the field of health and medical tourism, Marker Groupe is the right address to replicate the success of Dent Precious! Unlock the doors to global growth with an experienced team and effective digital marketing strategies.